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Sun Engineering Consultant has persued a policy of sustaining the business with a small group of qualified and well experienced staff to provide quality services. The company focuses on providing quality Liasion services that encompass architectural and civil engineering areas. 

For projects (large or small), the organisation works in tandem with experts in the field.The company provides Liason services as a comprehensive package and does not entertain in providing them in parts or selectively for process

  Team Members    
Qualification Designation
Mr. Prabhakara H.C  BE


Mr. Raghavan .R BE

Technical Advisor

Mr. Nagesh H.M BE PHE Engineer
Mr.Raffiq BE Water Supply Contractor
Mr.Srinivas BE Environmental Engineer
Mr. Pradeep BE Environmental Engineer
Ms. Swetha R.K Msc Environmental Engineer
Ms.Bhavya Jagadeesh Mcom Accounts Manager
Ms. Asha B.R BTech (Civil) Planning Engineer
Ms. Amrutha .S BE Planning Engineer
Mr. Chethan S BE Planning Engineer
Ms. Reetha P BE Planning Engineer
Mr. Jagannathan .P DCE Planning Engineer
Mr. Rajath Kumar R.K DCE Planning Engineer
Ms. Kavya Shree .S DCE Planning Engineer
Ms. Shilpa Satish Graduate Planning Assistant
Mr. Girish H.K Graduate Field Officer
Mr. Suresh .N Graduate Field Officer
Mr. Devraj .H.N Graduate Field Officer
Mr. Vikas B.L Graduate Field Officer
Mr. Ashok Kumar T.N Graduate Field Officer
Mr.Bheem Kumar A.N Graduate Field Officer
Mr. Dhaarneesh .G.S Graduate Field Officer
Mr. Ganesh .D Graduate Field Officer
Mr. Manjunath .G Graduate Field Officer
Mr. Natraja S.B Graduate Field Officer
Mr. Ravi Kumar B.H Graduate Field Officer
Mr. Satish H.C Graduate Field Officer
Mr. Manohar .G Graduate Field Officer
Mr. Siddaraju Graduate Electrical Engineer
Mr. Nagarajaiah .K.P Graduate Driver

We recognize that the work we perform will affect countless people in unknown ways.  Accordingly, we take our work seriously and put forth our best effort in every task we undertake


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